Financing the Future of Commercial Energy Efficiency, Resiliency and Property Safety


Long Term Financing

100% financing of PACE eligible improvements with fixed interest rates and no balloon payment. Terms matched to the useful life of your improvement, up to 30 years. All soft costs can be financed including inspections, permits, design and engineering costs.

Municipal Tax Assessment

For accounting treatment and repayment, CounterpointeSRE PACE financing is a non ad-valorem improvement tax which is  levied on your property and repaid with your regular property tax bill.

Project Ownership

CounterpointeSRE PACE financing allows property owners to capture full rebates, incentives and tax credits through ownership. This function adds particular value to solar installations vs. PPA structures. 

Assessment on the Property

Property owners are not required to prepay their assessment when selling their property or refinancing a loan or mortgage. There are no due on sale or other acceleration provisions.

100% Financing of Commercial Property Improvements

Endless Possibilities. Real Benefits.

From solar panels to HVAC, there are thousands of PACE eligible improvements you can make to your property. Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate can finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, or risk mitigation improvements. Find ways to not only lower energy costs, but also increase the value of your property. 


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